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World Blood Donor Day 2019

World Blood Donor Day 2019 will be seen by the general population all around the globe on the 14th of June, Friday.

The topic for World Blood Donor Day 2019 is “Sheltered blood for all”. The topic is a call for an activity to every one of the legislatures, human services organizations and blood donation centers over the globe to fulfill the sufficient need of blood for every one of the patients who require a blood transfusion.

This year the host nation for the World Blood Donor Day is Rwanda. The worldwide occasion for the event will happen in Kigali, Rwanda on fourteenth June. The day will be praised by raising the familiarity with blood gift and giving a card to say thanks to every one of the general population who have given blood and spared valuable lives. It will likewise urge individuals to give blood with the goal that they can contribute their bit in sparing a life.

Kasturba Hospital in Manipal propelled a Donor Health Clinic and furthermore congratulated blood contributors in front of the event on 08th June. A blood gift mindfulness program was likewise sorted out on the event to propel individuals and make mindfulness on the significance of blood donation.

WHO the Philippines composed a blood gift camp at Philippines Blood Center on thirteenth June to watch the World Blood Donor Day in front of the event. WHO likewise encouraged individuals over the globe to willfully give blood and spare valuable lives.

Amar Ujala Foundation will arrange blood gift camp in excess of 100 urban areas on the event. The blood given by the general population will be given to the blood donation centers of the administration clinics. The occasion will be bolstered by restorative universities, area emergency clinics, and NGOs.

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” — Winston Churchill

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” — Muhammad Ali

It is celebrated to fulfill the 100% voluntary and unpaid blood donation need worldwide.

You don’t have to be somebody’s family member to donate blood.

To give blood you need neither extra strength nor extra food, and you will save a life.

someone’s blood saved my life and made my mom smile – was that you?

If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life.

Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life. Happy Blood Donation Day

Five minutes of your time + 350 ml. of your blood = One life saved.

Tears of a mother cannot save her Child. But your blood can.

.A life may depend on a gesture from you, a bottle of Blood.

If you’re a blood donor, you’re a hero to someone, somewhere, who received your gracious gift of life

The Blood You Donate Gives Someone Another Chance At Life. One Day That Someone May Be A Close Relative, A Friend, A Loved One—Or Even You.”